A new

Since we’re already done with one of only 26-odd fortnights in the year, it’s time I put an end to the extended radio silence. Rest assured I’ve not been slacking off, but rather engaging in the act of toil, the fruits of which will be online at the start of February.

Being a time of fresh beginnings, I took a couple of hours out to do some blog housekeeping. I enjoyed having all of the links/photos/music feeds in the ‘small pieces, loosely joined’ sidebar for a while, but have decided in the end that it didn’t really add much to the site apart from clutter1. I’d like to concentrate a bit on writing actual content this year (please, this intention is not to be misinterpreted as a “resolution”), so I’ve swept all of that out, and created an about page instead.

I’ve also set up the ability to post brief remarks/links that don’t constitute full posts inline with the main blog, so short items of note will continue to appear. It’s published in a seperate RSS feed, to avoid the main feed being polluted with the inevitable nonsense digressions.

I moved servers and upgraded Wordpress too, so if funky things are happening, let me know.

Happy new year!

[1] As an aside, I think my tendency with this site has increasingly been to create something less and less (aesthetically) designed, maybe as a counterbalance or reaction to my day job as a designer. Were I a technical writer by trade, I imagine you would, at this very moment, be listening to an embedded midi file.

— 18 Jan 2006