Upping sticks

My bags are almost packed, years worth of stuff has been donated and dumped, and the time has come to make the short trip east. Like so many brave young souls who went before us, we’re moving to Our Nation’s Capital, Dublin.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks dealing with all of the aforementioned stuff - sorting my shit out, I think it’s called - before I have to pointlessly haul it to across the country to gather dust until the next move.

I gave away my desktop computer, probably the last desktop I’ll ever own - I’ve had one of those things in my various bedrooms since I was about eight. I’m selling my long-silent bass amp, surely a sign that my latent dreams of a career as a famous musician are now somewhat in danger of not being realised. Books and CDs, I’m hanging on to for now.


New city, new people, new job - it should be fun. Time to switch off, pack the car with my now-streamlined collection of stuff, and go.

— 11 Mar 2006