Me too!

I have nothing important to add, but it would be remiss of me not to point out that I too am totally excited by it all. They really seem to have done a wonderful job and produced a marvelously designed object. Bravo. Plus, we had lots of fun following the whole thing unfolding on IRC and websites.

Just one question though: will anyone be able to develop apps for this thing? It seems like it could be a catalyst for finally launching location-aware software into the mainstream, but it wasn’t really mentioned. I imagine it would require a whole new development platform though, right? Or maybe just an API for Cocoa? Would Cingular try to prevent a VOIP app (they evidently weren’t pleased enough to allow one to be bundled)? Is it UNIX based?

Ok, that was more than one question. No doubt more to come.

— 09 Jan 2007